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Microsoft's marketing department (in Belgium)

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    Now that I have 2 months vacation, I was thinking about what I could program during this period. I came up with an idea to make a website where people can view television programs on demand. Of course, I can't just go to a television station and ask if I could 'borrow' a program to use for my project.
    It was easy to find an alternative: commercials.
    I hate most of the commercials on tv, but I remembered Microsoft had some cool ones when X-Box was launched.
    So, today I called Microsoft Belgium and asked if I could talk to the marketing department.
       - Why?
       - I would like to have some of the X-Box commercials, for a project...
       - That's ok, as long as you don't bring Microsoft into a negative position, don't make money from it ... (Looks like he didn't listen to me)
       - I'm aware of all that stuff but I just wanted to ask if I could get some of those videos.
       - You have to talk to marketing for that.
       - I know, can I get their phone number?
       - No, company policy (+ explenation).
       - Can I get their e-mail adress?
       - No, company policy (+ same explenation).
       - Can you redirect me to them now?
       - No, sorry.
       - But how can I contact someone at marketing?
       - Well, the only way to contact the marketing department is to write a letter.
       And so he gave me the adress that I've already seen on the site.

    Just to recapitulate: to contact the biggest software company in the world, you have to write a letter.

    But maybe the channel 9 team with their superpowers can contact the marketing dept in Belgium and ask if they can help me?

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    I'm sensing a possible road trip here... Smiley

    Seriously, I think that your best bet might be to contact XBox marketer extraordinaire John Porcaro. You can find him over at

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    I am sorry, but that's really very normal and expected. Try to do the same with other companies and see if you get a different reaction. You can't just pick up the phone and demand access to a program.

    But I have good news for you. I know that there are sites with old commercials, like game commercials etc..., I am not sure if they stream or if it allows you to download. So, instead of spending time trying to get access to xbox commercials, try these sites, I am sure you can find them through google.

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    I didn't ask for access to a program just a specific department of a company. That shouldn't be to hard.

    I also tried to contact SCEE. They gave me 2 phone numbers and an e-mail adress. See? No problem for another company. Maybe I'll try contacting Nintendo too.

    Thanks for the tip about those other sites that have commercials but most of them are subscription based (you have to pay for it) if you want decent quality and 99% chance it's streaming only.

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    [Ring Ring]
     - Hello I'm [Name] how might I help you? 

    This is [Fake Name] from Microsoft in [Real Microsoft location] can you transfer to me [Real name of *anyone in that office (find on Net)] 

    - One second please... 
    - Hello? 

    This is [FakeName], is this marketing? .. 

    - uhh no? ... 

    Wait, what? 

    - This is [Name] in [Dept] 

    oh, I'm sorry but do you happen to know which extension Marketing is on? 

    - Can't you look it up? What dept did you say you where in? 

    I am in [fake dept] at [real microsoft location], I was given this extension to call. 

    - umm, I'm sorry but our Corp. policy does not allow me to release that information.. You can look it up online on the internal Microsoft site. 

    Well, umm I kinda out of the office at the moment, in fact I am on my way over there I am on [Real Road]. 

    - oh .. well.. 

    Ok could you forward a message for me? 

    - uhh .. ok, I will just look it up for you, but don't tell anyone! 

    your a frigging life saver! 

    - [Extension] 

    I'm going to shake your hand later today, what department you say you where in? 

    - oh I'm in [Dept] 

    Your a truly good person, thank you! Sorry but I do actually need to talk to the REAL marketing dept

    - Ok, good talking to you .. 

    You too 


    .. Never happened Wink

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    Manip = funny.

    If only good clean conversations like that to giant corporations could happen in the real world...

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    Shining Arcanine

    Speaking of internal website, check this out:

    A beta of MSN Messenger 6.2 leaked on there.

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    I got the msn mess 6.2 beta after hearing news about it on but had to unistall it because it didn't work Sad

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