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Yesterday, Apr 8th?

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    Exactly what timezone IS this server in anyway? All the posts say "yesterday" underthem even though their timestamp says "thursday, April 8".

    Where in the world is it the 9th already? Japan? I always forget which way the dateline goes.

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    I asked the same question in a similar posting and haven't yet seen a reply. I'm in USA Central Time and my posts appear to be dated 9 hours ahead of me. I'm not sure where that places it, but I don't think It's Japan. A quick check of the Time Zone options in the Windows Time/Date Properties dialog give options like Baghdad, Kuwait, Riyahd, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volograd, Nairobi. Go figure.

    This .NET Forums stuff has a lot of slick elements, but it's also got some real confusing aspects to it.

    For me, ideally, the website would check my settings and convert date/time to my locale (I haven't tried that, so I'm not sure it's even available to the web server anyway). But if that's impractical, using GMT would be the next best thing...

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    My best guess is that the server is on greenwich mean time(GMT). It is the official internet time..... I think. So the server is in Redmond I'm thinking but Microsoft is going to be nice to europe and be official, dont know why they make it pacific time...but then again, who really cares?

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