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Personal Data Portfolios

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    Storage and File Systems is a very primative way of thinking.

    You are a contact.  The contact you "Own" is yourself.This Contact abstraction is the spearhead to your virtual experience. Associated with this "Contact" is your personal data portfolio. Your personal data portfolio is the essential abstraction, the essential storage,it is your memory and it is the memory not the brain matter that matters. It must persist beyond the device, beyond the OS, beyond the conceptual.

    Why is computer so "Tool" Centered? So Application centered. This is the root of many problems!! In conventional reality we don't pick up a hammer, then walk around looking for nails. Same should be with computer.

    We are people,  we have relashionships, possesions, experiences ect, and we form organizations, with goals and proccesses. In all these areas the computer needs to be centered on it's "Master". And manifest data into our porfolios, and allow us to interact and communicate and envoke methods that relate to our reality.

    Your  personal data portfolio is your computer, it is your desktop, Regardless of what "Device" You are using to access it.  MS should focus on Virtual desktop,a Virtual OS. A Windows account. An account that works on any device.They should do this, like they saw the internet as the future, and relized that they were behind.

    Virtual computers can be networked virtually. Teams and Groups can develop and disolve effeciently. Comunication is easy, access to your windows, to your desktop, to your personal data portfolio anywhere, on any device.

    Now we can and should take the power of OOD and turn it inside out, and expose it to the User side. Let the user abstract items, form composites, set scope and what is public, what is private. What is global, what is linked. The entire beauty and flexibility of OOD is THE solution.
    But it must be on the user Side. The User forms the abstractions.The VOS must be NOUN or object centric. The actions or methods are important but the Tools to carry out those methods is like code that can be refactored ..later.Improving the  performance and abilities is good, but not the base of operations. The nouns in reality dont really change, do they, it is the methods that improve. How you write a letter to Aunt Sally, may get easier, but the fact that you DO write one now and again, really is the permanent and central Focus and is the goal that needs a solution. What tool you use is really secondary to the workflow,and the goal. Computer need to be Reality aware. Object aware, insead of toolboxes of diparate so called solutions.

    I am not saying that tools are not important, infact, they are the meat of the Computer sandwich. A good letter writer tool, is great, and the real value. What I am really saying is inorder to have a good sandwich you need the ingrediants to be "ASSEMBLED". This makes the experience. Not just throw some bread and some meat and say here you go, you cook your own sandwich.The tools are essential, but the foundation the context is the Nouns, the Objects, and the data.

    Once we all have a personal data portfolio or a Point of Contact then we can get more rich information for free! And this data is provided and manifested in a  "Point of Sale" fashion. We are all sharing the same data, it is just context that is specific to each of us. Manifesting our context is our job.

    Personal Data Portfolios is like whats in your wallet, or whats in your pocketbook. Who really cares about the leather?

    Good Luck MS, and Channel 9!


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    Computer is tool-centered because one needs some sort of "thing" to create the document format you're after.

    In the same way that you dont pick up a hammer and then start looking for nails.. the same goes with applications, I dont open Word in the aimless hope that I"ll create some sort of document.

    I know I have to make a letter, therefore I use a word processor.

    Just like no one really does pick up a hammer looking for nails.. what is more likely is: they have nails so now they need a hammer.

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    You are correct. You know you have to write a letter. So you now open the tool, and create the letter. You are then left with a document, that is not really connected in anyway to the context. You are generating data that is now "Unmanaged".

    In my Object centered utopia, Sending a letter, an e-mail, a fax an Im or a phone call is derived from the context. It may me a letter to a customer, and regarding a certain project. These context's are the point where the method of communication should eminate from. Then the coraspondence is automaticly part of these objects and in the proper context by mere association. The letter can be seen as "Part of" the contact, and also "Part of" the Project, at the same time. Just like in programming, where objects can have references in different parts of an application.

    The actual Code/Tool that creates that letter you are sending is not really the prime focus in your reality. It is the Customer, the Project, and utimatly the end result.


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    From the little reading I've done about it, isn't WinFS going to handle this concept you speak of?

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