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    Ok. From my 6 years in working with and talking with numerous Internet Service Providers who have had experience using WinNT, Windows 2000, and Linux (mostly Red Hat) as their web server, they have all sounded like a broken record.

      "With Windows I always had problems. People breaking in, servers locking up for various reasons, issues logging in for dial-ups, slow, poor documention, etc, should I say any more? Ever since I formated and loaded Linux, I've never even had to touch thing. It's like it's not I don't have customers anymore becuase I'm never getting any calls about the server being down or something not working right."

    Not only have I heard from other ISPs, I've experienced it myself, and our ISP down the hall has told me that very same thing. Every weekend, or two weekends he'd have to come in just to reboot the machince. No Formats and reloads could every fix it. After Red Hat 9 was installed, he never had any problems since. And actually I think it's been about a year now. But before that other Linux geeks would tell me that it was a ritual to reboot their linux server every year, just to remember what it was like to reboot a machine Big Smile

    Go ahead. Tell me that isn't 99.999% bug free.