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View Thread: BUGS = FEATURES, when will that end?
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    When I purchase I product, I expect it to work, correct? Yes, maybe there are bugs, but Micrsoft has had a history in my book of selling 90% finished products for the price of a Rolles Royes. So I will have to wait and twiddle my thumbs until there are enough Fixes/Service patches before I can actually use it. Or they say that it'll be in the next version.

    But you said it would work in your very own manual?! What's up with that. Heck, by the time all the patches/etc are out, you say there is version X+1 which is better, but it never is. It's the same headache all over again. So:

    1. When will you start shipping products tat are 99.999% finished AND Working!

    2. WHen are you going to use service patches to actually add features and fixes to updated technology that was "after the fact" Instead of trying to fix-up what wasn't there before, but should have been.