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View Thread: BUGS = FEATURES, when will that end?
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    Pseudo wrote:
    Lowrez wrote: I feel pretty confident in saying for pure speed Apache has got it down on almost all other web servers.  Then it becomes a matter of getting it onto a platform where the OS makes the smallest dent in the overall performance so Linux is your winner.  There are reasons for Win2K, but speed isn't it. 

    Why do people keep saying things like this without any benchmarks to back it up?  I'm not saying you're flat out wrong, but at least drop a link to SOMETHING showing such a bold claim.

    Sorry, we don't post the results of our tests online.  I can't really speak to the testing methodolgies of other companies, but we run Apache and IIS on identically configured Windows boxes and Apache gives better results.  Personally, I have problems with URL blasters like web bench and I think everyone should be using Compuware's QALoad (blatant plug) or at least Mercury's LoadRunner when doing performance analysis.