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Express Audience and Simple Access to Functionality?

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    When Visual Basic .NET 2002 and 2003 where released, a large number of users of Visual Basic 6 and MSCOMM/WINSOCK, found that it was no longer a simple process to implement this functionality. If the stated goal of the Express products is to provide a simple interface and access to functionality for hobbyists, enthusiasts, novices, and people whose primary job is something other than programming for a living, then wouldn’t it make sense to include a simple interface for MSCOMM/WINSOCK functionality?

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    this should provide you all with a good laugh...

    so i downloaded and installed Visual Web Dev Express

    where did it go?

    i searched for "visual" on c - nothing

    i looked in program files - i looked on root i looked on start bar

    so i went back to site - and saw its an add on for 2.0 - which is WAY WAY beyond my abilities..

    It would be great if MS actually decided to release something for people who know NOTHING about code - except how to play around it ( i dont know what code does - but i can hack a working component)

    I was desperately hoping for a SIMPLE app that opened up and had ready to run/hack samples

    so... whos the target market for this... DUMB programmers?

    * if your a programmer wouldnt you just use the VS?

    *** i wanted to make my own blog .. or a website template where people can log in and edit the content ***  i have some that ive "hacked" but i thought ms might have enabled a designer like me to actully start from scratch and build it myself .. i no i no ... rtfm

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