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    So when are there going to be new videos?

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    Probably Friday (tomorrow).

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    I hope soon i'm bored and i became addicted :O

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    Scoble's in Video rehab. Please be patient. It will be worth the wait. You know, we released 50 videos in September. 50. That's pretty outrageous. Have you watched all of them?


    EDIT: Mike Swanson shipped 25 videos today, BTW (PDC05 Show Off entries). Check them out.

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    Actually it'll be Monday or Tuesday, sorry.

    I got three killer ones today, though. Can't wait to share.

    Xbox 360 rules. Let's just put it that way.

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    Man, now you're really teasing us all Wink

    The amount of information that you guys make available is awesome. You've definetely (&positively) changed the way a lot of people perceive Microsoft.

    Pedro Teixeira

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