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    Staffan Gustafssson wrote:
    To get to know more about the dump, you can use windbg (

    After adding it to your path, you can run the following in your command shell:

    windbg -c".ecxr;kb" -y SRV*c:\temp* -z C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini070504-01.dmp

    It should give you a call stack of the module that crashed (IIRC). Maybe the command "!analyze" could give you information too...

    The help in windbg will give you more information on the commands above (basically "debug my dump file with microsoft symbols, and the first thing you should do is change to the exception context and give me a stack trace"



    Excellent advice, Staffan.

    How about posting the stack trace here so we can debug this together? There's certainly plenty we can all learn.

    Hmm. Community debugging. Now that's a good way to way to learn together.