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    Hi billy

    i hope so too Smiley

    This is probably a contentious viewpoint, but i've always thought features such as this; which promote the pushing of functionality down to the database as meant for small-scale, internal-only projects etc, and that internet-facing, or enterprise scale apps would do a more traditional n-tier thing. I can't think of many net admins that would let their databases inside the dmz with their web-servers for example.

    To move off topic a little, but it's been a while since i've had a chance to chat to external dbs, and i'm interested in what people think...

    I tend to be somewhat conservative in my designs involving databases, and leave most of the processing to the middle tier, with the db doing pretty much pure insert, update and select. The problem i've always had with pushing processing to the db ( through direct hosting of web-services, hosting of business logic etc ) is that the db machines can bewcome a big scalability barrier,and are much harder to scale out than web-servers,as they are expensive, and stateful..

    How do people see the future. Is it database servers directly exposed the internet through web-services running c# stored procs and talking xml directly, or is there a place for the middle tier still. How are yukon ( and java / oracle etc for that matter ) changing you way you design the applications you are responsible for?