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In the future will I see these two products on the market?

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    Shining Arcanine

    Two upgrades that I'd really like to get for my computer (when being a student I can afford them and if they are on the market) are:

    1. A 3D LCoS Smart Display with 54Mbps WiFi
        -3D Displays are currently LCD only; To my understanding, they use two LCD screens with one backlight.
        -LCoS is short for Liquid Crystal on Silicon which is a technology from Intel that is scalable to over 1080p, cost effective and presumably energy efficent; then again, anything is more energy efficent than LCD/CRT monitors
        -802.11a being preferable over 802.11g due to its increased security and reduction of potential interference

    2. A Microsoft Wireless USB 2.0 Mouse (Optical with Tilt Technology, an intergraded Lithium Polymer Battery and a nice design like the Logitech MouseMan) and Keyboard. Monitoring Circuitry could be used to check for when the battery is running low so Windows can issue a warning stating so.
        -Wireless USB 2.0 is a technology from Intel. I'd rather have Wireless USB 2.0 connecting my wireless perhiperials to my PC than BlueTooth.

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