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View Thread: Is Microsoft capable of honesty?
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    Jeremy W

    billh wrote:

    Shh...I won't tell them about your exaggerations.


    I was referring to this:

    That post wrote: There is no such thing as privacy or security (at the personal level), unless you actually live "off the grid". I have family who do this (not out of fear, they've just always lived that way), so it'd be impossible to do this kind of thing to them.

    No exaggerations Smiley Myself, along with 4 others, led the youth ministry at for almost a year. Before that I was part of the core leadership team for 3 years.


    And gotcha @ living off the grid Smiley

    I have no reason to exaggerate here. Several folk have met me, several of my friends read the forums. It'd be silly to exaggerate, and at the end of the day it wouldn't prove anything.

    Several times in the past I've been pointedly told I didn't know what I was talking about, so I'd simply list some reasons why I did. Sorry if it sounded like I was bragging or whatever. I guess when you look back on someone's history of 1000 or whatever responses it's easy to find some weird stuff, likely written while I was either upset or only half coherent.

    All of that said, I do have a natural penchant for exaggeration, so if it happened it likely wasn't intentional Wink