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    Jeremy W

    W3bbo wrote:
    Karim wrote: 1) The TCO could be possibly be lower.  Let's say your tech makes $40/hr. (salary + benefits).  If he spends 8 hours messing with a computer (over its lifetime) because it has some hax0red version of Windows instead of a legit version, he has cost the company $320, which is more than a legit copy of Windows costs.

    But he would only be messing around with that box because it doesn't pass validation.

    And BTW, here in the UK, Retail Windows XP Professional SP2 costs a lot more than $320.

    Businesses shouldn't be paying retail pricing... If you are, you haven't contacted your MS sales rep. In fact, if you have more than 50 users, you should be able to get into site licensing deals, whereby you're only spending like 50-100$/seat (your mileage may vary) for all the software you require on the desktop.