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View Thread: A 30 Gigabyte malibox ?
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    30gig! Next it will be 100gig, then a 1000gig. These big numbers used to grab my attention and spark my interest, but now they've kind of lost their novelty value.

    To be honest, 30gig email is not a good selling point for me. It is unlikely that I would ever use anywhere near 30gig for storing email. Most of my emails are really small, and I'm a tidy person. I rationalize my email storgage--deleting emails that are not going to be of use in the future. In total I have saved about 20 emails that I once thought I'd refer to again. One of them was saved 2 years ago, and I have not looked at it since.

    I know that storage is cheap, and it is possible for me to keep every single email I receive. But I can't help being thrifty with my space. I simply do not want to clutter my email service with irrelevant, old emails.

    Reliability, security, and speed is more of a selling point to me.

    Brent Silby.