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Longhorn UI

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    Does anyone know what the UI is currently planned on looking like in the Longhorn release? I have the latest public build of it installed, and, minus the sidebar, it still looks a lot like XP. I imagine this will change.

    I certainly hope there will be some change in the UI.. I don't think many non-developers will be impressed enough to buy Longhorn if there isn't some visible changes in the UI.. But maybe this is just me.

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    The final Windows XP UI (Luna) wasn't deployed until after the last public beta, IIRC.

    It's likely that something similar will happen with Longhorn.  But I don't know.

    I do know that the UI is one of the last things in the system that is finalized - that allows for usability feedback to be integrated into the process.

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    My only hope is that they keep the Slate UI as a theme or sopmething.  I like the Longhorn UI's the way they are.

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