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    Hey there Niners...

    Just a quick note to let you know we're hiring for the Channel 9 Team.  I've posted details over on my blog at

    And as Charles would say... Keep on posting!


    Here's the post from my blog...

    Ok, I am biased but I think I've got the best team inside Microsoft and guess what, we're hiring!

    First I'm looking for Developers who love the web and are experienced with ASP.NET, SQL, and CSS.  Your passion should be for shipping breakthrough user experiences on the web work as part of a team to help build sites like Channel 9, and even cooler stuff we can't talk about yet.

    In addition to Developers we are looking to add to our interview crew for Channel 9.  The ideal person will be well versed in the current wave of Microsoft developer technologies, industry trends, and competition. They should also have experience in software development is preferred but not required. Strong digital video filming, editing, and compression skills are required as we shoot, edit, and produce our own content. 

    Do you like to ship, takes chances and effect change?
    Can you work independently and pride yourself in the ability to get things done?
    Want a work on a team thats fun and where you'll make an impact on day one?
    Do you wan to help care and feed a unique community?

    Then we're the team for you! 


    Send an email to me at JeffSandatMicrosoftdotcom with the subject line "Channel 9 Careers" and include your answers to the following questions:

    1. What project are you the most proud of? (if you can, send a link)

    2. What is the toughest technical problem you personally had to solve?

    We look forward to hearing from you!