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    I'll do all the C9 video editing for free, just because it would be fun but also because I like to transfer 90GB raw MPEG 2 files from the US Tongue Out

    Manip interviews Gates:

    Manip: So do you think having developers waste time creating flashy 3D effects was really the right way to go?
    Gates: Vista adds a lot more than just Aero Glass; we have also re-written the audio stack and decreased application loading time...
    Manip: OK, so you've had thousands of developers working for four years almost eight hours per day and all you can come up with are two REAL improvements in Vista?
    Gates: Don't forget our new foundation classes, that will support development for the next ten years!
    Manip: Isn't that just a nice way of saying -- "We ran out of ideas so made it easier for more creative people to do it for us" ?
    Manip: Plus with the graphic buttons getting bigger and bigger in Vista, and the next Office gaining the same kind of interface aren't you basically saying - "Our customers are morons?"
    Gates: Our customers vary in their abilities; we want to make computers easy to use!
    Manip: Should I take that to mean you're going to keep dumbing down Windows until even the stupidest common denominator can use it? Isn't that was Bob was supposed to be?
    Gates: Bob wasn't one of our greatest mar-....
    Manip: IT SUCKS
    Gates: Well it wasn't the be-..
    Manip: It blows big time ...
    Gates: OK, do you have any other Vista questions?
    Manip: I've read about Vista's new DRM; and to help you in your day to day life I have brought you in this digital voice recorder -- it encodes to WMA.
    Gates: Wow thank you .. I always love to try our new products and innovations!
    Manip: Well first off the voice recorder runs a derived BSD OS, because having a powerful enough CPU to run CE would cost around five hundred dollars per unit... But more so, when you record voice onto it that sound is placed in a WMA file that has DRM which means you can't move that sound off the device.
    Gates: What use is it if I can't copy it to my PC?
    Manip: What use is high resolution video you can't watch on your high resolution monitor?
    Gates: That isn't how Vista works....
    Manip: Oh yeah.. It is up to the content provider how much they screw you over... And we all know they are trustworthy and don't abuse their monopoly, right?
    Gates: I think I'll have to leave it there, I am a busy guy...
    Manip: Yes, I'm sure drinking $90 cups of coffee is very time consuming... Expressionless
    Gates: Hope we can do this again sometime

    [Gates picks up phone]
    Gates: Security -- I want this idiot out of the building and off the campus in five minutes!