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    Jeremy W

    andokai wrote:
    W3bbo wrote: Do companies accept PDF or XHTML CVs over *.doc or printed paper thesedays?

    I doubt there's a difinitive answer to that question.

    The best format for Micrsosoft is Word or plain text resumes, as they ultimately get converted into play text once they make their way into the resume system anyways.

    I'll tell you, the video position was one of the ones I nearly considered. Too bad it requires moving. Having done filming, editing, interviewing, makeup, sound and lighting for a number of national television shows for a year. Plus, the fun of meeting more Softies would be great.

    Sadly, I'm very, very happy both in my current gig and in my current locale.

    Ah well, maybe in 5 years Wink

    Best of luck to the other applicants Smiley