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    Jeremy W

    /me rolls eyes.

    Welcome to blogging. I know you're new. But there are established conventions.

    One of those is that people can blog however they want. Besides that, though, there are a number of "standard" types of blog posts. They include, but are not limited to:

    1. Pointing to interesting things somewhere else (with or without commentary)
    2. Talking about your daily thoughts and ideas
    3. Posting longer, original, thoughts

    If the only reason you read a blog is for "new information", you're missing a hell of a lot of great blogging. Blogging is about people, not just about disseminating data.

    I know this'll come across grumpy, but it's well past my bed time.

    Your blog can be whatever you want. But there's obviously a huge market for just pointing to interesting things that others have posted. Memeorandum. Slashdot. Instapundit. Every mainstream newspaper out there.

    New doesnt' mean best. Old doesnt' mean worst.