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Dearth of XBox360 Games by Launch Date (11/22)?

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    NY Times is reporting that an inadequate number of XBox360 games will be available on the launch date - Tuesday, 11/22.

    >> Microsoft expects 15 to 20 games on the market for the Xbox
    >> 360 launch.
    >> Just over a half dozen games were available when the original
    >> Xbox hit the market in 2001

    I expect to see the following.

    To be released on November 22nd:

     1. (eM)-eNCHANT-arM           (FromSoftware Inc.)
     2. Call of Duty® 2            (Activision Inc.)
     3. CHROMEHOUNDS               (Sega)
     4. Dead Rising                (Capcom)
     5. Dynasty Warriors 5 Special (Koei Co. Ltd.)
     6. Everyparty                 (Microsoft Game Studios)
     7. FINAL FANTASY XI           (Square Enix Co. Ltd.)
     8. Kameo: Elements of Power   (Microsoft Game Studios)
     9. Need for Speed Most Wanted (Electronic Arts)
    10. NINETY-NINE NIGHTS         (Microsoft Game Studios)
    11. Ridge Racer 6              (Namco)
    12. Test Drive Unlimited       (Atari Inc.)
    13. World Air Force            (Taito Corp.)
    14. Wrestle Kingdom            (Yuke's Co. Ltd.)

    To be released before December 25th

     1. Bomberman - Act Zero       (Hudson Soft Co. Ltd.)
     2. Far East of Eden - Ziria   (Hudson Soft)
     3. Frame City Killer          (Namco)
     4. Gears of War               (Microsoft Game Studios)
     5. Mobile Suit Gundam         (Bandai Co. Ltd.)
     6. The Outfit                 (THQ)
     7. Project Gotham Racing® 3   (Microsoft Game Studios)
     8. Resident Evil 5            (Capcom)
     9. Rumble Roses XX            (Konami)
    10. Shutoku Battle             (Genki Co. Ltd.)
    11. Sonic the Hedgehog         (Sega)
    12. Saint's Row                (THQ)
    13. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon   (Ubisoft Entertainment)

    It looks like the total number of Xbox 360 games to be available by December 25th will be 27.

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    Anyone else think that as the PC becomes less of a Office piece and more of a living room piece (e.g. Media Centre) then people will stop buying these silly consoles and start buying more PC games?

    I mean when was the last time a console at release time was able to out perform a PC? And if that ever happened how long would it last for, one month, five months?

    As soon as something like Battlefield 2 is released on a console everyone will be going crazy about how much games have moved forward and how near to movies they are now.. But the truth is you could play such games on the PC years before hand.

    I am also waiting for consoles to start getting higher quality input controls.. I mean a control with two mini joysticks is just not at all a good way to control a game.. People might be used to that method of controlling games, but that doesn't make it an effective method...

    When, if ever, have you seen PC players matched up against console players? Never? And why not? Well perhaps because the console people wouldn't stand a chance against someone with a keyboard and mouse.

    In a theoretical tank game, I can move the tank, move the turret on the tank and do 'other things' such as change weapon or change view points all at the same time. On a controller you can *either* control the turret or do 'other things'. It isn't so much about number of buttons, but more about the way people's fingers, and wrists (on a PC) get utilised. When does your wrist movement get used with a normal controller?

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    Detroit Muscle

    Manip wrote:

    When, if ever, have you seen PC players matched up against console players? Never? And why not? Well perhaps because the console people wouldn't stand a chance against someone with a keyboard and mouse.

    Dreamcast Quake 3 players could play online with PC Quake 3 players.

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    Jeremy W

    Why use consoles? They're cheaper. They're more social. XBox Live is killer. You can play them more comfortably. Controllers are far more natural for gaming than keyboard/mouse, and comfortable in the hand.

    PC gaming is good. But I much prefer console gaming. I suppose if I wanted to I could hook my PC up to my TV, and hookup a wireless controller to the PC as well and have the same experience. But, I wouldnt' have Live, and play with multiple friends would be rather difficult.

    If that ever happens, I'd happily ditch consoles. But I haven't in nearly 20 years, because the experience is totally different.

    And, for the record, most console launches outperform the PC hardware of the day. Typically for about a year.

    This generation may lengthen that time, because of the new architectures. But, it's hard to say right now.

    Back to the original post, though, I'm disappointed in the 360 lineup. I'll be getting one at launch, because the controllers are far more comfortable, but the first round of games isn't that impressive.

    I'm sure in 3-6 months it will be, though. By the time Sony's console comes out, there are meant to be more than 100 Xbox 360 games on shelves.

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    Jeremy W

    And, for the record, on a console I can move the tank (left thumbstick), swivel the turret (right thumbstick), change weapons (black/white buttons), select targets (left trigger) and fire (right trigger) all at the same time.

    In FPS's, I can run, jump, throw grenades, fire my weapon, move, strafe and block all at the same time. Which'd be much more difficult (and cumbersome) to do on a PC game.

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    That's nowhere near an exhaustive list of titles available at release.  EA said today they will have 5 ready:

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted,
    FIFA 06: Road to World Cup,
    Madden NFL 06,
    NBA Live 06,
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

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    Thanks Cidar,

    My current tally is 31 games by 18 vendors to be released by 12/25.
    18 of the 31 will be released on the launch date (11/22).

    To be released on November 22nd:

     1. Call of Duty® 2             (Activision Inc.)
     2. Test Drive Unlimited        (Atari Inc.)
     3. Dead Rising                 (Capcom)
     4. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
     5. FIFA 06: Road to World Cup  (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
     6. Madden NFL 06               (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
     7. NBA Live 06                 (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
     8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06     (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
     9. (eM)-eNCHANT-arM            (FromSoftware Inc.)
    10. Dynasty Warriors 5 Special  (Koei Co. Ltd.)
    11. Everyparty                  (Microsoft Game Studios)
    12. Kameo: Elements of Power    (Microsoft Game Studios)
    13. NINETY-NINE NIGHTS          (Microsoft Game Studios)
    14. Ridge Racer 6               (Namco)
    15. CHROMEHOUNDS                (Sega)
    16. FINAL FANTASY XI            (Square Enix Co. Ltd.)
    17. World Air Force             (Taito Corp.)
    18. Wrestle Kingdom             (Yuke's Co. Ltd.)

    To be released by December 25th

    19. Mobile Suit Gundam          (Bandai Co. Ltd.)
    20. Resident Evil 5             (Capcom)
    21. Shutoku Battle              (Genki Co. Ltd.)
    22. Bomberman - Act Zero        (Hudson Soft Co. Ltd.)
    23. Far East of Eden - Ziria    (Hudson Soft Co. Ltd.)
    24. Rumble Roses XX             (Konami)
    25. Gears of War                (Microsoft Game Studios)
    26. Project Gotham Racing® 3    (Microsoft Game Studios)
    27. Frame City Killer           (Namco)
    28. Sonic the Hedgehog          (Sega)
    29. The Outfit                  (THQ)
    30. Saint's Row                 (THQ)
    31. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon    (Ubisoft Entertainment)

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