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    Scoble, for my own sanity (and sanity of others), no video avalanche Big Smile  – for next few weeks, please.  I am still viewing ones from PDC.

    More videos with developers!  After so many videos one can get the impression that only PMs are developing software at Microsoft.  We had few videos with PM and few developers in a room, but PM always monopolized the discussion.  Have few developers (and only developers) from a team that worked on a part of a product discuss challenges, features, and benefits to users, etc...  Maybe give them some topic areas few days in advance.

    Charles, you are onto something, on few video you asked questions along... what makes good language, what makes good code, your interviews tend to gravitate towards architectural discussions.  Your deep dives series is the most insightful videos.  Keep asking questions along the lines of “elegant code”, code level architecture, and good design patterns.  Keep MC++ discussions going, hang around Visual C++ team.

    The following maybe already in place, in Bill Gates’ video C9ers did put forward some questions, if I am not mistaken.  How about allowing C9ers to put forward questions for upcoming interviews.  Ofcouse you guys decide which questions get asked.  Sometimes you get several minutes with some of the greatest minds in the company and you would like to ask some insightful question, but the interview ends prematurely because there are no more questions to ask.  The list of questions would provide a healthy pool of good question to draw from when you get precious minutes with someone that actually wrote the software or is an architect on the project.

    Last but not least, screencasts also very good, keep them coming (no more then 10/15 minutes in length).