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    as jmacdonagh has said, you should make it easier for people to subscribe to the media content on this site, such as the videos and podcasts. I use a podcast agregator to download all videos and podcasts as they come in. I expect to only have the latest videos or podcasts download with one of these apps, the default behavior of your xml links in the media section sort by activity and not by release date.

    The most recent video or podcast should be at the top of the feed, followed by the second newest, etc.

    to get arround this I played with the feed link and figured out how to make it sort by release date. As a user, I shouldn't have to do that. That should either be the default behavior, because it is a very popular feature, or give me a visual choice on the page to get the xml feed sorted by release date.

    btw, for anyone that is interested

    Channel 9 Videos: sorted by release date

    Channel 9 Podcasts: sorted by release date