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    Add a real-time interactive chat room in which users and MS emploies can talk. This would be much better than the current forum style way of communication. It will be more like face to face and MS emploies can really exchange ideas with users with less efford. This might increase the participation from emploies who could then have the chat room open on their screen whenever they feel like it and answer casually to comments from that users that interest them, while doing other work as well. Also, an online chat room will allow us users to talk more freely and perhaps will even lessen the need for moderation in the forums.
    In addition a good idea would be more integration with MSN Messenger. Like for the users that have provided their Passport in the prophile, we could click a link which will open an instant message window with them. This idea can be extented to group chats as well. So, image that we could choose a number of users and create a chat real-time group on MSN Messenger or on the site, in which we can talk.
    Finally, we certainly need more MS emploies to participate in the discussion on this site. After all, this site is to exchange ideas and not only to watch lovely videos.