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    Moderation has improved a LOT in the last few months, we haven't had threads running wild ...

    The video quality has remained about constant, with a lot of PDC videos being posted which was great.

    The addition of screen-casts is welcomed. Pod-casts I don't use.

    The wiki is "fine" .. ^shrug^

    The polls could be a little more obvious on the front page (you can't see them unless you scroll down) and perhaps could be updated more often?

    The search still sucks, and the bug in the anti-swearing filter hasn't been fixed 'yet'. Ditto with the CSS font size in IE (IE7 fix?). There is also a bug with the clock times, they don't report as BSM even though it is set in my profile. The JavaScript thread page changes aren't great, but might be too hard to fix.

    Scoble also still isn't wearing a C9 guy suit during video interviews even though we know you have a suit you could put him in... Wink