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    A better way of giving suggestions and of filing bugs against Microsoft products. When I say better I mean much better than the wiki idea. At first the wikis were used somewhat but it seems that now they are mostly out of date and not really used by anyone. Can we have a better system for reporting issues and for giving suggestions than the flat wikis. The wikis can be used for other things like providing a list which anyone can edit of interesting blogs or of useful urls or of Microsoft emploies' e-mail addresses by group, but not for filing bugs.

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    AdamKinney wrote:
    Actually any threads that we are watching do show up on the front.  We just haven't been watching anything besides videos lately.  There was a XAML screencast up there a little bit ago.

    It seems to be fixed now (I'm not sure if  Larry Osterman's "Fixed" reply was meant to my statement or not). Before only videos would bubble up to the main page, however, the RSS feed would show either all the latest videos, a mix of videos and threads, or simply all the latest threads. Now, however, the RSS feed appears to be in line with the main page.

    However, the problem with the RSS link is still there (see my first post).

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    When editing ones profile, you are presented with a checkbox labeled "It's Daylight Savings Time!"... if I am not mistaken, the proper grammar would be: "It's Daylight Saving Time!" (ie sans the second s in saving).

    Other than that... I love the new place... however I wouldn't mind being able to middle click on one of the smaller recent videos on the main page to have it be opened in a new tab (or even right click for a new browser window) instead of having it get brought to the main display area.

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    I don't know if this has been up earlier or not but I've got a few ideas.
    Nothing major or anything but...

    1. Old posts show up having the wrong "posted date". For instance this one. "Posted by The Channel 9 Team // Thu, Aug 18, 2005 11:03 PM" And the first comment was posted at "Tue, Jul 20, 2004 9:30 PM".

    2. It'd be awsome with a feature like "most viewed" "Most downloaded" or something similar.

    Other than that, everything is just swell Big Smile

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    Never mind.

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    KenQ wrote:
    1. Old posts show up having the wrong "posted date". For instance this one. "Posted by The Channel 9 Team // Thu, Aug 18, 2005 11:03 PM" And the first comment was posted at "Tue, Jul 20, 2004 9:30 PM".

    That's because it's telling you when the post was last edited, or in the thoughts of C9, when the post was posted last. Because when you "edit" you re-submit the previous post to a thread the new version of your post is placed over the old one. In that instance the reason for the edit was because Adam went around to every video thread and added a tag.
    billh wrote:

    Hmmm. Beginning reverse engineering of Channel 9.

    Click.  Whirrrrr.....

    More testing yields...

    Breaks the search engine:

    a++ code
    charles++ code
    c+ + code
    c + + code
    c + code

    Works in the search engine (zero or more results):

    charlesfixthis++ code
    c-- code
    c+ code

    Woah, buddy calm down Smiley The C9 Team know that the search engine sucks, there's no reason to puch the knife in further, it's already dead Expressionless They'll update it, then you can test it. Testing the current version is like trying to see if a dead body is breathing when it has been dead for a few years.
    skkipper wrote:
    Video Script Please
    Go here.

    DuNuNuBatman wrote:
    mVPstar wrote:
    DuNuNuBatman wrote:

    Email notification of thread replies...
    This will be my only post on the matter as I will inevitably loose track of this thread and forget about it

    Email isn't needed.  We have RSS feeds.

    Yea, but I don't want to create a rss feed for each topic that I am a part of. That getts really messy really fast.

    You don't have to. You can subscribe to your own profile, therefore, all the replies/threads you've made. For all of your replies/threads subcribe to this RSS feed.

    As for the "Reality Check"... FIX THE WIKI!!!!!!! Mad

    Oh and fix the bug where I can't paste anything into the Design section of the FreeTextBox (Workaround: Paste into the HTML section).
    While holding the backspace key in the FreeTextBox my CPU Usage goes from whatever it is at the time to ~100% (Doesn't just happen with the backspace key either...)
    I like NinersOnline jscript bar, but to me it looks like it has the least active on the left, and the most active on the right. I'd rather see it the other way around, rather than having to scroll all the way to the other side to have to see the most active users.
    Not to mention that the bar scrolling should occur when I'm hovering over those arrow buttons, not when I'm hovering over profiles, it's really annoying when I want to see someone's profile and I have to chase it into the middle to get it to stop.
    Those emoticons could do with a cache as well.
    The front page is killing my dialup and most of the time I go to and click the forums page link in the bar rather than waiting to see what's being watched.

    Creating a poll along side a thread would be nice. What I mean by that is that "Poll" should be a third tab on all AddPost.aspx?ForumID=xx pages and when we submit a new thread we would have the choice of making a poll as well. Once the thread has been created the poll I made would be put in the grey area on the right hand side at the top of the thread.

    Oh and not to mention can someone create another puzzle thread? I really like those and they get the whole community together Smiley

    Well that's my speech done, oh and fix the profile Smiley

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