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    I have my blog up on for two reasons:

    1) It's a high-traffic .NET-oriented blog site, meaning I get lots of visits from the aggregated feed.
    2) It runs .TEXT, which supports threaded comments directly in the RSS feed - I don't have to open the entry in my browser to read the comments. I hate having to do so with other people's blogs, so I don't want to force others to do so for me. Got pretty much the same rich-text-editor we have here on C9 too, so it's homey. Smiley

    I also have a LiveJournal account, for purely non-technical needs. I must admit their engine is getting richer and richer, with tagging, memories and full API support so you get excellent smart clients to write in (Semagic is my client of choice). The only problem is that a technical blog on LiveJournal will not receive proper attention, since LJ's main focus has always been social interaction, and clicking on the "Get Random LJ" button will still get you, 50% of the time, a 14 year-old angst-ridden teenage girl.