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View Thread: Playing Flight Simulator from the "10 foot view"?
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    Jeremy W

    jonathanh wrote:
    When MSR Cambridge moved to a new building a few years back, we got a nice auditorium with a couple of kick-(I need to watch my language) monster projection screens. This was also when the XBox had just been released in the US, but wasn't out yet in the UK. And it just so happened that I had a trip to Redmond planned, with some room in my carry-on luggage on the flight back...You can see what's coming next, right?You got it, one of the first games of Halo ever played in the UK, in glorious 20-foot tall color Gave the sound system a good workout, too!

    We did something similar at work the week Xbox came out. Sound system wasn't as good as the Halo Room at the MS Museum in Redmond though;)