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Features for the next version of Visual Studio after then next one comes out...

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    Been debugging all of today...

    My most wanted feature right now: Right-Click -> "Look it up in Google" Smiley

    I'll tell ya, I'm when looking up every bizzaro exception that comes from deep within the CLR, Google nails it in the top three hits (quite often top 1) every time. MSDN, in comparison, is nowhere.

    Which in mind has raised several questions.

    How good a .net developer am I?

    How much would my productivity decrease if I had to work in a sans-Google environment?

    When are Google going to buy Microsoft?

    My money's on Q1 2006. And if there are any Microsofties that disagree with me let me tell you this. I used to work for Enron. When the management starts cutting the Gym benefits, the writings on the wall - trust me.

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    The Visual Studio powertoys team already read your mind*.

    *Time to get a better tinfoil hat Smiley

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    First an evil monkey in my closet, now people reading my mind.


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