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Quit locking threads

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    I understand you're trying to moderate but seriously, you're locking some threads that have 0 (yeah, zero) flame wars or any personal attacks in them.

    For example, the RSS Reader thread in the Coffee House, you told us that IE 7 and Vista will have it then told us to shove everything else by locking that thread.. Wtf? If you want to moderate go ahead....but please be modest and do it right.

    Thread in question
    - Steve

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    That thread was started on the 4th of December 2004(!) and was bumped by some jackass for their own amusement. I'm not sure if locking it was the right move; but there you have the reason.

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    It looks to me like it was locked because it is almost a year old and was brought back to advertise a product and there are other, more current threads on the first page of Coffee House.

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    I'm locking threads that are
    Angel dups of ones that already exist on the front page
    (b) were bumped from months and months ago

    But you're right, I should've separated the vista stuff from the lock. I'll go nuke the vista comments

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