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Microsoft To Cut Costs by $1 Billion

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    Shining Arcanine

    "Microsoft is looking to make cuts in advertising, events planning and customer-relations activities to shave $1 billion off its total operating expenses."

    Isn't Channel9 included in customer-relations? Sad

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    Unless the Channel 9 Foam Guy is actually the size of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, I don't think Channel 9 will have much impact on that $1 billion!  I think this place is probably safe.

    From what I can tell, the perks the employees at Microsoft get are gigantic, some might say excessive.  They could do with a few of them cutback!

    I suggest you read the comments on the slashdot post on this news item.  Its hilarious.  There are people there writing Microsoft's obituary because of this news item.  I worry, seriously worry, about some of those people.

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    Stay Puft Marshmallow Man .. as in Ghostbusters i assume

    im going to do a "dude" zilla pic - c9 guy wrecks tokyo - film at 11 - will post Wink

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    NOOO, the 9 guy will devour us all! ahh [Runs and hides]

    PS Jamie, you have too much free time on your hands. Smiley

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    it only took a few min. I just fired up my Beta Capsule and...  Smiley

    ( *from Ultraman)

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