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C# to Java ...

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    Well everyone ... looks like my company is about to switch everything from .NET / C# to open source and Java. We are going through a merger at the moment and the mother company in USA is Java all the way, and we must adapt to that platform.

    Personally, I am not very happy about this, I was very much looking forward to the new VS 2005 and .NET 2.0.

    I have never coded anything in Java, and would be very grateful if you guys had any insights or pointers for me with this change in my professional life.

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    Wanna swap jobs? Smiley

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    Rossj wrote:
    Wanna swap jobs?
    Sure ... if your are willing to move to Sweden and can find me a house in the UK Wink

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    C#, Java 5 ... not a whole lot of difference, really. The two languages are even related and share a common development history.

    The "Head First" O'Reilly books will give you a good, quick start.

    * Head First Java (you can probably skim a lot, knowing OO and C#)
    * Head First Servlets and JSP
    * Head First Design Patterns

    Go download Eclipse and give it all a shot.

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    Java/C# - it's really not that big a deal.  Now, if you had been bought out by a mainframe software house and had to switch to COBOL, then...

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    If you are doing Windows graphical application development then Java is a serious move down when compared to C#... I mean no more WinForms. [C]

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    The switch between the language syntaxes will be trivial. It doesn't get much more different than foreach(string str in collection) compared to for(String str : collection). Most everything in the language itself will be a breeze to learn if you already know C#. The libraries themselves can be different in quite a few ways, however, and in my experience Java's standard library has not been as easy to work with as .net's. Some things are very similar, both libraries are built of classes extending from a class called Object which contains basic methods like toString/ToString, for example. Some things are not as similar, however; Good luck trying to get Java to do much with XML out of the box, unless you're writing your own XML parser or simply serializing beans.

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    simple things:
    Java vs C#
    no operator overloading
    foreach loop is funky (JDK1.5 ONLY)
    extends (inheritance from class) instead of :
    implements (interfaces) instead of :
    boolean instead of bool
    get used to many, many more type casts than you're used to.  Unless its JDK1.5, then you will have a bit fewer to worry about (autoboxing)

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    Tyler Brown

    I'm feeling the same pain you are. After spending my entire summer messing around with C#, I've got to implement a system using EJB. I've done some work with Java, but I haven't the slightest clue what a Bean is..

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    I'd rather go cultivate beans on a farm, than ever having to use the Java variant!!!

    Man, I feel sorry for you, you should definitely start looking for another job Smiley

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    Thanks guys for all the advice ... got the news last friday that the website I am putting the finishing touches on right now will be reprogrammed early next year in Java, which sounds strange to me.

    In addition to Java, I will have to familiarize myself with perl ... things are just going from bad to worse by the minute Sad

    Maby dotnetjunkie said it best ... start looking for a new job :o If things turn out horribly, and I will miss the C# part of my job terribly, I will most definetly start looking for a new job.

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    dotnetjunkie wrote:
    I'd rather go cultivate beans on a farm, than ever having to use the Java variant!!!

    ... like that "C-style Object Oriented Language" project Microsoft was working on... the one that incorporated the "Windows Foundation Classes"... what was the name of that...

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    Count yourself lucky.  C#, Java, and Perl are all "C-like" languages.

    Java is a direct ancestor of C#.

    Anyway, learning new languages is good for you.

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    Tyler Brown

    Beer28 wrote:
    I think you should try netbeans from first. It's probably the easiest and fastest way to dive into java.

    You're really going to like using open source software when you get used to it. You'll never want to go back. It'll take some time though. Good luck with your new bosses.

    Personally, I've used Eclipse, and I'm not all that impressed. The performance of Eclipse is horrid in my opinion, when compared to Visual Studio. The interface lags, and the load time is high. I haven't tried any other IDE's as I've heard that Eclipse is the best for Java development, and it is what we've used at school.

    I'd much rather make use of C# and Visual Studio to develop my open source software, as opposed to using Java and Visual Studio.

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    I am a C# developer since early beta 1 / 2001. Before that I was using C++/VS/MFC and sort of thing related to them. I have developed many small to medume and 1 big project by C# and ASP.NET. Some times ago for a little project I started Java 5.
    Let I make It short. There I encountered the real technology feel! There I found out that the microsoft developing model makes me a product oriented developer. There I found out what does the clean design means and how a practical pattern fit in a specific solution.
    Microsoft surly does a great thing with .Net but from that time till now I am thinking and remembering and evaluating.
    Please contact me and tell about your new experiences.

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    I can releate to everyone here. Java isnt really a bad language on the web and windows end, however with all this new technology its being a bit outdated as far as usage goes.

    So a while ago i had to do a project fo linux in Java..It sucked, i had no idea what the hell a Bean was either, but it was a fun experience and id love to go through it again.

    - Steve

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    Funny that this thing popped up again ...

    I have now moved to the new office and next week I will be starting my first Java project, a small application for the economy department.

    If anyone here would be interested, I could write up my experience with this new project and post it somewhere for you guys to read.

    Could be a fine comparison between C# and Java development.

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    That would be great.

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