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What do we like about Windows?

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    Lots of complaing what we don't like, what do we like?

    Autoscroll--saved me thousands in hand surgeries, I swear.

    Search sidebar in Windows2k--best interface for search I've seen in any OS, it gets out of your way elegantly.  Unlike a certain yellow canine in another mass-produced OS... Tongue Out

    IE toolbar customizing--when did this come in, IE4 or 5?  I can't remember but it succeeded in pushing me away from crusty old NS4 (that abomination of a browser seemed to love controlling the UI, & for some reason Mozilla stuck with that mindset until Phoenix)

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    the backward compatibility!

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    Auto-complete for URLs and files/folders. Easy to use file manager (browse, copy/paste, rename etc). Well designed and thought out interface with things well labelled and intuitive. The high quality fonts.

    It is fast enough and way faster than the competition (opening files etc).

    Development is easy and cheap.

    .. I could go on .. but I'm short on immediate ideas.

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    Other than my job...

    I second the font love and add in ClearType. XP themes look really good. I like graphical managment of pretty much everything (I know my way around a command line but as a former teammate said "they call it Windows for a reason").

    It's not a core Windows technology (yet) but I love the .Net framework and its development tools (not just because I work on them).

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    jamie wrote:
    the backward compatibility!

    Indeed. And the 90%+ marketshare is something to love. No fuss about what platform you need to run this or that. It runs on Windows baby. Smiley

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    PNP - it's nice to pop in my USB drive on any windows machine and have it instantly recognized as a drive Smiley

    I also like the fact that I can skin XP and make it look however I want.

    ~ Knute

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    The ability to manage users and applications across a diverse and changing environment.

    The ability to quickly deploy patches and software.


    Recent integration with Unix.

    Quicker development cycles.

    Good support groups.

    Uh.....Security, yep I know... but honestly...IIS and IE  are the primary attack vector today.  So you handle that with firewall/proxies.  (non-microsoft)

    We run Cyberguard and  I cannot even begin to say how well I sleep at night...

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    Wow, the thread has arisen Big Smile More...

    Fast user switching- the XP welcome screen is second to none.  Whenever I use Windows2k in a limited account I always crave this..even with "Run as".  Sometimes you just need a full shell!  But maybe steal th

    File permissions & explorer-- Cannot say how frustrating this is in Gnome & KDE. You know how some people say Windows 95/98 is just a shell on top of DOS, I feel like that about Gnome/KDE; if you can't manage permissions properly then just don't do it!  I don't know about Mac OSX but I hear it's better than those two at least..

    Open with...-- way easier than Windows 98's list of a smorgasbord of exes (huh, wscript?)

    Show desktop!  Did Macs even have that before Expose?

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    Shining Arcanine

    Not much considering I'm hearing all of these great things about NT 6.0 that put NT 5.1 to shame 2 years ahead of time. Tongue Out

    Now that I got that out of my system, I'd like to say that I like Windows NT 5.1's Inductive User Interface, stability, speed, compatibility mode, etc. I can't say much about security until SP2 is out (as SP2 makes SP1 look pathetic security wise or in other words, Microsoft has outdone itself security wise with SP2).

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    oh a side note..

    one of the most brilliant things MS did years ago was to outdo Novell in IPX protocol development.  The Unix Services package is a good entry point in it's packaging of Perl and other Unix tools that can be used natively from within Windows.  It is only a start. Expand on this with native daemon development in SSH, Telnet, and Ftp.   Please.   Pretty please?

    Oh, WSH  is  more powerful in some ways, but not as cool.

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    #1: Stability - 95, 98 and ME are the bane of my existance. 2K and now especially XP run EXCELLENT.

    #2: Less reboots - Many many software packages can be installed without a reboot. Nice.

    #3: WAY less BSOD's

    #4: Ease of use for admins and end users

    #5: Group Policy - What a godsend. Whether it is at the local machine level or thru AD...

    Just a few...

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    I do like GP but I think there is vast room for improvement. Microsoft needs to consolidate the security/authentication policies and redraw those borders. I mean GP is definitely in the right direction but you can move even further along that path and also make it easier for third party software vendors to hook in and utilize these services with their software.

    In effect I think the walls need to be entirely taken down and rebuilt.

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    I love .NET Framework & VS.NET2003.

    windows is so easy to use that my 4 year old sister can also run the freecell and play a lil bit of bit. but keeping ease of use aside, windows got great development tools with it, VB6 was a life saver for me before the .net framework and after .NET I really love the love the whole architecture.

    and a lil thing... windows got great appearance out of the box Wink Biss and Luna. Icon Anti-Aliasing is very nice. and Clear-type is a really cool feature.


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    The Windows Installer technology. Altough it's a great technology they didn't make a good editor for it. Actually, Microsoft didn't make an editor at all.

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