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A True Windows window.

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    I can picture the task-pane right now

    "Window Tasks:

    * Open this window
    * Close the blinds

    Other Places:

    * My House
    * Outside


    * Window Manufacturer: Cold Seal Inc."

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    So does it have an opacity attribute in the event of SCUD attack?

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    And if it gets stuck

    Window (Not Responding)

    The Window you are trying to open is stuck and not responding. You can wait 20 seconds and try again or break the Window.

    or if someone spraypaints it...

    Window has caused a General Protection Fault in HouseFirstFloor.wall open any door to continue.

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    I'm really surprised that no one has made a Vista "glass" joke.

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    I'm just itching to see what the 'back' button does.

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    It looks just about as secure against intrusion as Windows normally is.  And, given the room's color scheme, I suppose next to this Window and the portal - er, door, it has a blue wall of death?

    And for all you UNIX/Linux fans, let's give equal time to (e)X-Windows!

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