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View Thread: Launch 2005 Screencast Contest
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    Wow, neat-o!  This should be lots of fun.  Please don't be offended if I sign up for the New York launch, but actually plan on attending the Anaheim one since it's closest to me.  That is unless by some amazing stroke of luck my submission gets chosen!

    A few questions:

    1. Can you submit more than one video?  Don't worry, I won't inundate you folks, at most probably 3 videos.

    2. After the event, can I use any video(s) I've created that are not chosen for my own purposes?  (I just want to post it on my website recompressed as good quality WMVs, free of charge for viewers.)

    3. The info on the TechSmith site mentions "not to be afraid of the webcam".  Would it be okay to use a camcorder to get better quality video, and then edit that part in later as a "picture in picture" type window of my mug, yappin' as I'm typin' along?  (Pretty easy to accomplish using two great freeware tools: AVISynth and VirtualDub.)  The big advantage there is less processor overhead while recording the keystrokes, so a smoother looking video overall.

    4. What is the recommended resolution for capturing?  The screencasts I've seen on C9 are 1024x768.  I just wanted to verify that this is a good choice.

    Again, sounds very cool.