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New Shared Source licenses

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    Hey guys, its nice to see MS taking this approach and making their shared source licenses more understandable.  In the article it says you guys wont approach the OSI to get any of them certified as an Open Source license.  Probably a good move.  You're Microsoft and they would probably turn you down.  Not because they are trying to trim licenses but for other reasons.

    Good move guys.

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    i saw that ... went to check out the new Sample galleries

    Checked out the Personal Website template.. no RSS, no comments, etc

    plus you have to register - and click i agree to Licence

    meanwhile - most ASP templates you just download = no muss no fuss

    Seeing as ASP is your tech - why all the hoops and licencing to begin with

    Just make some code - make it run on Windows / IIS and release it FREE.  Make it do way more

    Non event from over here

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    Doesnt really much matter to me, When the Mac goes Intel Im moving the household over to Macs.  Im keeping a close eye on Mono as well.  That doesnt mean Im going to dump Microsoft at work or anything like that, even if I did I would still use the server products.  But for my own personal use, Im going Mac.

    Beer28 wrote:
    rj, before you get all excited. Check out what they are sharing...

    Rotor was previously available, there's a wiki and a template library source. The entire source for MFC was available for years in the includes and src folders with visual C++.

    This stuff seems like token shared source. Like they closed it just for the purpose of opening it as shared source just to say they have shared source available to developers.

    EDIT: Like if Gnome src was closed next week, and pulled it from the public CVS, only to have the team announce that they should be applauded for rereleasing it under a shared BSD license a week later. Except gnome is way too extensive and valuable to be compared to what they released.

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