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Apple Photoshop Killer

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    You know Aperture is french for Accrylic right?  /Joking

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    I think the general consensus is that Aperture is for photographers and Photoshop is for graphics artists.

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    Wow looks real great ... ARRG!

    * dont know if its a PS killer - but definately a bundled camera software / or OS supplied killer

    <scarecrow wiz of oz>
    a vector UI running,
    my pictures would look stunning
    ..if i only had a Mac

    I would buy a plastic smeagol
    for the dashboard of my beetle
    ..if i only had a Mac

    </scarecrow wiz of oz>

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    I've watched all the Aperture videos on and this doesn't really look like a Photoshop killer. It focuses on features that Photoshop doesn't really have or isn't that good at. This is going to be a killer app for pro photographers. It makes the digital workflow more natural while making it more safe and efficient. Photoshop is still going be apart of that digital workflow for stuff like retouching and the like.

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    Sorry for hijacking this, but is it just me or does robojamie's avatar look like Fred Savage from the Wonder Years?

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