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Obsession with the word 'So'...

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    So... I've noticed that a disproportionately high number of sentences in the videos on Channel 9 begin with the entirely pointless addition of the word "So"...

    So, what's the obsession with 'So'? Questions begin with the word 'So'. Answers begin with the word 'So'. Statements and jokes and random phrases enjoy the same prefix-treatment.

    Perhaps it's because I'm British (and we don't do this), but Americans do?

    Or is it a rule that all developers should use the word "So" a quite ridiculous number of times each day?

    OR (and here's the one that got me really thinking) perhaps these interviewees don't generally use "so" in this manner unless they have Scoble's camera trained upon them?

    So... Discuss Wink

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    There's already a thread discussing this.

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    Haha, wow, it must really be bad if there are two threads about this.

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