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Rocketboom mash-up of Channel 9

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    "So" I was really enjoying my new iPod, particularly when I found Rocketboom's daily videos on the Podcasts lists.  Rocketboom yea.  I hit the "Subscribe" button, then downloaded all the past episodes they had on the iTunes Music Store.  Finally, I have Amanda Congdon in my pocket!  (And isn't that every boy's dream?  I ask you.)

    I was catching up on those past episodes when I started playing this one: (web site) (iTunes Music Store)

    And she does a funny bit remixing the Channel 9 interview with Bill Gates.  (This bit was preceded by a story about Ballmer stating that Microsoft was going to "win the web," which was started by Amanda rolling up her sleeves, in "them's fightin' words" style.)

    Conveniently, she put up the "extended mix" of the C9 interview with Bill Gates up at:

    Sometimes I Amanda Congdon.  Othertimes, I think she is just a snide, pseudointellectual, stereotypically liberal New York ----- who probably spends more on hair care products than I do on food, but then she makes me laugh and I think I Amanda Congdon again.

    Besides, anyone who lists "hula-hoop" as a skill on their resume can't be all bad.

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    I think you and Amanda would make a good match; one that reminds me of James Carville  and Mary Matalin except that Amanda is a real babe.

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    LOL... now there's a scary thought...

    Sparks would definitely fly if we ever met; I'm just not sure they'd be the good kind....  Though there can be a kind of perverse, paradoxical attraction in that as well.  There's a song by Metric called "Combat Baby," in which a woman laments not having the company of a former lover, because she misses the intelligent, passionate arguments she used to have with him.  "I want to be wrong," the song goes, "but no one here wants to fight me."

    Still, it takes more than hate to keep a relationship going.  LOL

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