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VS2005 Standard = "streamlined" UX

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    I was checking out the Visual Studio 2005 Product Line Overview, which compares versions of VS.

    It says that Standard Edition has a "streamlined" user experience.  Can anyone tell me specifically what this means?

    It also says there will be no SQL Server 2005 Integration.  Does this mean that all the cool data-related wizards won't be SQL Server 2005 aware?  Will it still make connecting to SQL server 2005 easy?

    To tell you the truth, I'm wondering how many $100's I'll have to trade to get tooled.  EDIT: I'm just a poor, recently graduated student with lots of loans.


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    I'm downloading RC1 right now, I am so impatient, and I need the IDE to show off a few ideas in a thread I will make later.

    But anyway I guess we will just have to wait for a few reviews, or for the MSN boys to get it.

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    I just about had a #^%&fit but it appears that VSTO is still included in Visual Studio 2005 Professional with MSDN Professional Subscription according to this page:

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    When we talk about streamlined user experience, we are talking about simplification of the IDE and a consistent user experience that is language independent.  Also, the teams did a lot of work to ensure that the Standard product is in one CD to ensure a decent install experience.

    The Standard product does have full features for client-side data access programming, inclding data access against SQL Server 2005.  You do have all the cool data wizards and the easy "connect to database" experience.  However, you can't easily deploy or debug SQLCLR objects from the Standard product.

    - somasegar

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    One thing I wonder about that doesn't seem very consistent: if you right-click a tab, for some types of tabs, there's a command 'Hide' and on other types, it's called 'Close'. What's the difference?

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    Thanks for your explanation.

    I'm looking forward meeting you on the 10th of November in Belgium, for the VS Launch Event!

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    dotnetjunkie, I'll be there too! Are there any other C9ers going?

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