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Channel9 Mobile?

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    Skriker V1.0

    Is there a Mobile version of the Channel9 site, Id love to read the coffee house stuff on my scoble phone? Wink

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    This site has enough RSS everywhere that you should just need an aggregator.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    I would really love to see a mobile version of channel9. Browsing the site via RSS is currently no option since you can only browse what you subscribe to. And when you subscribe to the coffehouse you can read the list op topics but you cannot read the threads of the topics themselves. Also you canot post via RSS.

    +1 vote for channel9 mobile !!!

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    I've already asked for a PDA version of C9. I'd hope that would include mobile phones.

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    Some Smartphones might be able to access Channel 9.

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    Yes, a mobile friendly version was one of the most requested updates to Channel9 that was made at the PDC.  And its still being requested.  We should definitely be doing something about it soon.

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    I'm surprised there isn't a " Mobile Edition" or something like that...

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    Manip wrote:
    I'm surprised there isn't a " Mobile Edition" or something like that...

    Open VS2003

    Go New > Project > VB/C# > ASP.NET Mobile Web Application


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    It's more complicated than that, W3bbo...

    At any rate, we are going to make a mobile-friendly version of some of Channel9.

    Until then, hey, why not subscribe to our RSS feeds using your cool mobile RSS aggregator. And, if it's a good one, it will know what to do with enclosures, though I doubt you'll have the memory to download one of our videos unless you're using a flashcard...

    We hear you loud and clear.


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