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Flock, who's gonna use it?

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    So I guess everyone is freaking out that Flock was released today. Anyone want to really explain it without the whole...

    "Flock is an awesome super duper..." but maybe explain what the purpose of it is and maybe an example on why it would help?

    I'm downloading and installing as we speak...maybe I'll get my questions answered?

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    I've been playing with it for a little while, and there are some things that I really like about it:

    - Bookmark Tagging - a really nice way to keep all your bookmarks organized, and much more flexible than using a folder-subfolder hierarchy.
    - History Search - webpage contents are indexed while you browse and as you start typing a search term into the search box at the top-right corner, you get a list of all the sites that you visited that contained the term. Very nice.
    - Feed aggregation is done well, although it won't be replacing my regular RSS reader.
    - Integrated blogging - there's something called the Shelf, which is like a dropbox/scrapbook for web content (text, images etc.) that you want to use in your blog post. Drag stuff onto it, start composing post and drag stuff off as needed. Convenient. Supports Flickr too.

    Favorites also auto-sync with I don't use this personally, but I'm sure there are those who will love this.

    Being a beta, there are obviously issues. It tends to get slow and laggy quite often, and I did notice a few bugs, including a memory leak. It's not ready for primetime yet, but it's definitely very promising. I'm going to keep my eye on this one. =)

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    Yeah I am using it now...I setup the blogging part first off...

    Wierd part is it wasn't bringing up any webpages and I didn't know why...then never made any request to my firewall to open up.

    The UI looks really nice but I'm still messing around with it's features

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    Well ... I don't see any vast differences from Firefox, the greatest browser in the world Big Smile

    The preferences window is just about the same as in FF 1.5 Beta 1. The UI is pretty neat, but I have not figured out the bookmarks / tagging / system ...

    The big question is ... what does this browser ADD to the market that the oters don't have ??

    If it is just a better bookmarks manager, then this will fail miserably IMO.

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    Some nice features, I like the idea of the shelf..  but it seems pretty buggy.

    it feels like a tarted up version of FF to me.

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    i am - cause the icons look way better than firefox

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    It looks pretty, but I'm not sure what the hell it is or its supposed to do. They don't explain it on their site, either.

    Worst marketing ever. =D

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    It is far from liking, it looks pretty but jesus the interface is a little bit non intuitive.

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