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Do any of the social bookmark sites do this?

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    Basically I want to know if I sign up for one of these social bookmarking sites if one of them does the following:

    At first I login with 0 bookmarks and it says I have X number of users in common with me.

    Then as I start adding bookmarks then that number gets lower and lower and lower.

    Lets say I login one day and after using said service for a month or two it says I have 90 people in common with me (that is share the same bookmarks I have) so I check out Person ABC's bookmark list and discover some great sites I like!

    Optimally you would log in, and it would show you the top 50 or so users, with percentage signs by their username.

    Person A 100% of your bookmarks they have
    Person B Same as above
    Person C 95% of the bookmarks you have.

    And so on and so on. Basically it would help me find people who have common interests with me and share links that I never heard of anywhere else.

    Does any site do this?

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    Sounds like a great idea.  Can't say I've seen that, but I haven't spent much time on those sites either.

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    Yea me either, hard to use em since they don't integrate into the browser.

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    You could try Flock to see what it is like. As it is in beta, if it lacks a feature you could request it and it may be implemented.

    Stumbleupon, while not a bookmark site, allows you to look at what others are interested in.

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