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How can this forum using AJAX and DHTML to it's advantage?

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    We all watch channel 9 videos and see how many times the team is mentioned. Their service/application is amazing. In the online space there are a few major bulletin board services that people use.

    Channel 9 doesn’t really look like any of them, making me think they are either starting from scratch or they just customized the UI so much that I can’t identify it clearly.

    Back to the team, their interface is very revolutionary since you literally never have to hit refresh. Why can’t we have a forum system like that? I always loathe when I am typing an extremely long post to a reply, and I hit post then 4 or 5 posts have been made since then that battle a few and create new point that I have yet to answer.

    Using AJAX and DHTML I was wondering there is so much we can do in a forum, why isn’t anyone working on it?

    Not related but a small note indeed, can we add private messages like all the other online forums do? Some people don’t want to be emailed, and sometimes you just want the continence of keeping all C9 related content on the C9 server. So why not integrate some type of private messaging system that allows us to communicate with one another. 

    Another idea, this one is up in the air and purely at the minds of the Channel 9 guys, is make a sub forum called Ideas where if anyone of us has a certain idea, or scenario about a program we can post it. You always wonder how people use there applications and what features they want, why not have a sub forum dedicated to it.

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    DevilsRejection wrote:

    Using AJAX and DHTML I was wondering there is so much we can do in a forum, why isn’t anyone working on it.

    What makes you think that noone is working on it?

    We could definitely add more Ajax features to the site, but there a few things to consider, complexity (there's a reason Atlas is being built) which makes it not impossible but it takes time (which we are strapped for, notice hiring going on).  Plus, I think Ajax features should be well thought out and used sparingly.

    One of the common issues brought up about Ajax is the fact that it commonly cancels out the Back button, which hints towards a more abstract issue of state.  The more asynchronous updates to the page the further you get away from its original state.  If you pages through 10 pages of search results asynchronously we would have to provide a dynamic permalink, to allow you to get back to that state.  If you configure a page asynchronously then we would have to provide a "save my page state" functionality.

    I'm not saying its not going to happen, its just not something that will happen over night.  But would be useful is if everyone came up with a suggestions on where you see Ajax functionality fitting into the site.  Maybe we could use the rest of this thread for suggestions Smiley

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    AdamKinney wrote:
    Maybe we could use the rest of this thread for suggestions Smiley

    Thread title changed and noted. Littly busy right now but expect a more complete reply before the end of this day.

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