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Who picks the developer project code names?

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    Whidbey, Whistler, Longhorn, Cairo ...

    Yes we all know and Love these project code names ... but ... they're naff!

    I think we need to give MS a bit of hand and come up with some good suggestions for future product code names ... not future products to sit under them, there is plenty of space didicated to that on this forum already, so just the names please here, thank you.

    Yes Jamie, Mezie would make an excellent project name ...

    Here are some of my suggestion ...

    Sabot, Bitchen, Funky and of course Pete Tong ... Cool

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    FX: ducks and runs

    (on a vaguely related note, anybody hear Wally M's podcast - now there's an apt name Wink - and think he must have read a completely different MVP thread to the one I'd started?)

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