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    So lets say you have to go to this week long technical conference and were responsible for taking notes, photos, or videos to bring back and knowledge dump on your team. I believe if I was this person the laziest route would be to use video. So if you were this lazy person what video recorder would you purchase?

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    Sony HC-20 or whatever is about $350 from Sony.

    The Panasonic PV-GS150 is what we use here mostly (we also have a couple of Sony's), but that costs about $700.

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    I guess it depends how much you are planning to record. If you have 50+ hours of video then even handling can be an issue.

    Another matter is, if you were planning to make something out of the speech in the conference video and presentations - you either need to have a directional microphone and point it at the speaker (and how well would this work, I don't know) or hope that there will be a conference DVD with all the sessions professionally recorded. Smiley

    Just check the past Raymond Chen video, I don't know if it's fixed now but the voice was/is so bad originally on the cam version I skipped watching it.

    Another possibility is recording session voice by some small recorder which you sneak in the table front of the speaker. Whether that is actually possible...

    And do they allow this there... Smiley

    If you decide to do heavy weight recording, come back and let us know how did it go! A backpack HDD recording station with mobile power supply is always interesting. Wink

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    crap I didnt even think about the audio. I will have to check out the sonys and see if I can hire  someone to hold a boom mike for the week Smiley.

    Not that I would buy any of these but has anybody used an hd camcorder ?

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