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Question for the more experienced VB vs C#

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    As a new career, I have started making a living with computers.  I think of myself as a computer user who programs to get work done and not a programmer per se.

    My interest and work is basic Web Programming.  Make it work, and especially make it look good.  No interest in rocket science computing here.

    I started learning on Perl (actually, I used to know Pascal, Commodore 64 assembler and such many moons ago and started back up 2 or so years ago).  I know Perl better than any language, and like it.  But I lately have shifted to PHP because it does most things I want and is alot easier to keep straight than Perl.

    I know enough mySQL and Apache stuff to keep the ball rolling, no more, no less.  I am far more familliar with how Linux works than Windows.  However, you would pry my Linux or Windows from my cold dead fingers, as the saying goes.  They both are awesome systems in my eyes.

    I know ActionScript and love it. The FlashCom server is a favorite. 

    For now, I would like to be able to write little Windows programs to automate file uploads, hook up to peoples Excel/Access, a little FTP, etc. 

    Also, I want to learn ASP.NET.

    I looked over VB and C#.  I wanted to pick one and only one.  Both look doable, I was leaning towards C#.  I would value easy and quick to write most.  But, I was thinking maybe C# would leave more room to expand in the future.

    I would greatly appreciate some advice from people experienced in both languages.

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    It does not matter.  I use both.  I use VB.NET when I have to (i.e., my employer requires it) but I prefer C# only because I have a C-syntax background.  So choose the one that makes sense for you.  Or learn both as that probably would make you more employable (it does for me).

    Just my $0.02.

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    The two are so close that they are virtually inter-changeable. So try out both (do the 101 type tutorials) and then by the end see which one pisses you off the least.

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    <>as long as your writing .NET Managed Code. the language doesn't matter. coz the result of all the languages will be the MSIL. so it really doesn't matter which language you are using.

    VB.NET is for those guys who are VB6 developers. so that ppl don't face any such problems in Migration.

    C# is for those guys who are Java and C++ Developers but are looking for some ease of use.

    and as far as job is concerened i am a hobbyist... so i dont care about job.

    well i started .NET with VB.NET to learn the basics and fundamentals of .NET Framework (how webservices/gc/xml/ works) then i started learning the C# and now i am comfortable with both the languages.


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