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MSN Music Store: IPod can't play MP3

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    Well, it doesn't flat out say that the IPod can't play MP3s but it does imply it and unless you know better then you could be tricked into believing such misinformation.

    Plus their statement that WMA is one of the "most popular digital formats" - is questionable.

    (Taken from the player shop - part of the MSN Music Store)

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    In fairness, if you read the message right above, it only says the iPod can't play WMA, which is true. I think they mention MP3 because so many people may think of digital audio devices as "MP3 players".

    However, on a similar note, what the hell happened here:


    I've been generally pleased with the direction Microsoft has been going and I had thought they were well past this point; evidently I'm mistaken. Though I'm certainly grateful they quickly remedied the situation, I can not imagine how this ever seemed like a bright idea.

    I usually like to take a forgiving stance, but whoever thought this up needs to face some sort of consequences. I'll leave the specifics to Microsoft, but if they're going to commit to playing fair, they need to make it clear to their employees--and for that matter, their partners and communtity members--that this kind of behavior can no longer be tolerated.

    Microsoft's poor reputation today is the result of poor behavior in the past. If they want to get past it, it will require a total commitment--similar to the changes that have been made as part of TWC, which seem to have made a striking difference. Please don't dissapoint us further.

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    Put Linux or BSD on an iPod, you can play WMAs (even with DRM) then.

    So nerrrr Smiley

    Actually, I reckon Apple COULD ask for like 2 cents from each song sale for WMAs-for-iPod, they'd make an even bigger profit than they are on their 99-cent-song policy.

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    They should have just left it at, "the iPod can't play WMA files."  Even that is not the full story -- iTunes will very easily import a WMA file to either AAC (default) or MP3; it just won't import a rights-managed WMA file, such as the ones you get from MSN Music.

    Saying they recommend "players that support the most popular digital formats -- like MP3 and WMA" is technically correct, yet so ambiguous it seems INTENTIONALLY misleading.  Bad form!

    BryanF wrote:
    However, on a similar note, what the hell happened here:

    Yeah, that was incredibly stupid.  It wasn't just WRONG, it was quasi-suicidal.

    They need to retrench on the music store/media player strategy.  They've lost and they're in denial about it, hence the strongarm tactics. 

    I have a new iPod that plays video.  It's SO easy to download TV shows.  Steve Jobs just kicked another one through the goal posts and Microsoft can't even get its laces tied.  If Apple ever comes out with a cheap Tivo/DVR solution, they'll own the living room.

    The only way for Microsoft to win at this point would be to admit that the iPod has already won: do what Real Networks did, reverse-engineer Fairplay, start playing rights-managed AAC in WMP.  Then create a hardware reference platform that looks exactly like an iPod to iTunes, only 1) it isn't, 2) it plays protected AAC, MP3, AND protected WMA, and 3) it's cheaper than an iPod.  (Sort of an EXTREME "embrace & extend.")  (And yes Apple will accuse Microsoft of "hacker tactics" too.)

    Or they can go hat-in-hand to Apple with a blank check and grovel in front of Jobs for a licensing deal.

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    Karim wrote:

    Or they can go hat-in-hand to Apple with a blank check and grovel in front of Jobs for a licensing deal.

    Well, you know THAT will never happen. Microsoft has a severe case of "not invented here".

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    Karim wrote:
    I have a new iPod that plays video.

    How did you get one of those this fast? I ordered 2-3 day shipping (best you could get at the time of my order, last week Friday) and it still is not here. In fact, its several states away. It spent whole days in China and Alaska. [C]

    And FedEx estimates it wont be here till Tuesday. Takes two days to go from China to Indiana, and three days from Indiana to northern Michigan.


    </fedex rant>


    PS: I realize they don't work Sundays, but I thought they did ship/move things on Saturdays. I guess not.

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    Hmmm.  Interesting.  I ordered mine a week ago last Thursday, got the email saying "it shipped" last Monday, and it was at my door on Tuesday morning (the next day).

    Also, I selected Standard Shipping.  Not Express.

    Maybe I'm just prayin' right.  [A]  LOL  Wink

    When I looked at the FedEx transit log I was puzzling over how it could leave Shanghai, China on Monday and arrive at my door Tuesday morning... I remembered that you lose a day traveling from China because you cross the International Date Line.  A couple of times I have left Hong Kong and arrived in San Francisco or Seattle "before" I departed.  Big Smile

    P.S. It's so worth the wait, if that makes you feel any better.  FYI I recommend Rocketboom and Tiki Bar TV video podcasts.  If you have clips of your own to upload, if you upgrade to Quicktime Pro there's a convenient Export to iPod function that does a beautiful (if slow) job of compressing video.

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