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View Thread: News Aggregators that have 'Toast Pop-Ups'
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    dnrfan wrote:
    One that pops up a toast message - much like MSN Messenger - when something new has happened.

    Scenario:  Your waiting for a reply on a forum, or waiting to hear of any new posts on a forum.  Your working away and 'pop' a toast pop-up appears and lets me know that someone has posted something new.  Or say, scoble has another video posted up on channel 9.
    Anyone know of such an agg'?

    What you want is Microsoft Alerts. It works with your normal IM client (read Messenger) and will alert you if the provider of the information has hooked up with Microsoft. This works great for Microsoft Forums.

    As for other usages (like notifying you on new messages from feeds you subscribed to) I don't find that at all usable due to high volume of updates, but for the scenario you described above this system is perfect.