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    rjdohnert wrote:
    DoomBringer wrote:This review is crap.

    It was not crap, it was worse than crap.  It was dog ate then thrown up crap, it was pea soup crap with chunks of peanuts and crackers.    It was not a good review.  First, he used a cheap board and cheap boards dont work, especially those with integrated devices even if you replace said devices you are guaranteed problems.  Who in their right mind would use ATI crap except for Linux guys because "ATI is a true believer"  ATI ,in one word, blows.  NVidia only for real graphics power.  I havent messed with an Audigy card before so I wont comment on that but so far the only thing I can tell is poor manufactureing and a poor choice in hardware.

    The review isn't crap... because it is NOT a review.  It's a humorus look at one guys trials and tribulations installing/using MCE 2005 and being underwhelmed by the whole experience.  

    Of course the install could have went better (the author did make mistake/imperfect choices), but then again that wouldn't make much of an article would it have?  You don't read many "Man succesfully installs Microsoft Office 2003" articles. 

    It's bad enough that the web is full of faux-glossover-reviews... but again this isn't a review, it's a journal/experience piece.

    I frequently see the trouble people have with MCE 2005 installs, and although the article was kinda extreme in it's characterization of the pratfalls of MCE 2005, it's not THAT far off the mark.

    And just because they chose ATI over Nvidia (although i'm preferential to nvidia for HTPC stuff) doesn't make the author an idiot or mean MCE 2005 should run like crap -- plus there was a time when the ATI HDTV wonder cards woudl ONLY work with ATI cards (which was a dumb bug on ATI's part, but i digress)

    *shrug*  YMMV, 

    but don't crap on the article because it was a crappy review... because it wasn't a review at all!  Consider it infotainment Wink

    rampy via bugmenot