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    Just to save anyone else from searching:

    and no, doesn't work anymore, they took it down for now...

    I think this is kind of interesting, it sounds like they want people to be able to Google "1 bedroom apartment rental in manhattan with washer dryer for less than $3000," and instead of giving you just the regular Google matches of web pages containing those words, you get the Google Base matches where someone has already uploaded the METADATA specifically describing Housing - Type Apartment - Location New York, NY - Number of Bedrooms = 1, etc. etc.

    Likewise if you want to upload your recipes, you can tag them with metadata about the ingredients, prep time, instructions etc. and then someone can just Google "how do i make duck a l'orange," or even "what can i make for dinner if the only thing i have is a duck and some oranges?"

    They're basically asking people to take the trouble to tag their "content" with metadata in exchange for hosting it.  Enter the so-called "deep web," semantic web, etc.

    This will allow them to support more natural-language type queries that return accurate answers.

    Tying that in with Google Payments is a natural.  Hey, since you've found EXACTLY what you're looking for, why don't you just click right here and buy it?  (maybe they will cut themselves a piece of the action?)

    It's an interesting strategy... I'm just not completely sure people want to spend the rest of their lives adding metadata to their documents, tagging each item in 27 different categories...  But if you want to SELL something I suppose you will be motivated to do that...

    Also interesting in that this shuts out pretty much everyone else; it's not like Google is going to share their metadata with Microsoft or Yahoo....